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Wesley UMC Photos
Homecoming 2010

Guest pastor Bro. Edwin McDaniel brought the message.

As with all good Methodist events, food comes with the service.

Fellowship is also essential, and Mr. Long is a true fount of knowledge.

Oh... did I mention there was food?

Ok: caption this pic!

Hog Roast 2009

The pig must be scalded so the hair can be scraped off.

The scraped hog is prepared for butchering.

The meat is cut up and prepared for eating.

Cutting up the cooked meat so we can eat it!

In years past, on the second Friday and Saturday, Wesley UMC had the annual Hog Roast.  The hog is prepared "like they used to", from hoof to table. 

This was a very educational experience for young and old.  This process showed that meat doesn't come from the grocery store.  Grandma didn't buy crisco; she cooked lard from the hog, resulting in cracklin's.  Today's pork rinds at the store are actually imitations of the cracklin's from the old rendering pot.

Unfortunately, this community event no longer takes place.  But we all have wonderful memories of it!

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