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Welcome to Wesley

We hope you feel it when you first walk in the door: that warm, welcoming feeling of stepping into God's house. And inside you'll find there's nothing quite like the loving hearts and relaxed atmosphere of a small church. You'll feel differently here. You'll notice the difference almost immediately.

Wesley is known for a few things: its Third Friday Night Singings.  Its visitation at local nursing homes. A prayer list longer than its membership roll. These are just some of the things that tell you that Wesley Church, though small, has a tendency to look outward towards the community, rather than inward.

But don't think that means that we don't take care of our own! We're the first ones to come running if a member is sick or going through difficult times. Our church family is quick to offer a prayer or a meal or a helping hand on even short notice. And if you don't know how to do something, it's almost guaranteed that some Wesley member not only knows how to do it but will come right over to help you do it, too.

More than one person has shown up at the doors of Wesley United Methodist Church saying that they had searched at other places and not found what they were looking for. But they found it here. We want you to visit. You'll decide whether or not to stay. We just invite you to come walk through our door.


Wesley History:

  • Originally was a mission church on 108 Maple in Athens, called "Wesley House Methodist Mission" under the sponsorship of First United Methodist Church of Athens.

  • First services were Sunday, January 1, 1967 under the direction of Rev. Jack Owen of Murchison, TX.

  • Pastors of the church were (in order):

Rev. Jack Owen of Murchison, TX (January 1967)

Rev. Jim Bankston of Malakoff, TX (1968)
Rev. Howard S. Ritchie (1969)
Rev. James Elbert (October 1970)
Rev. Buford Finley (1971)
Rev. Randy Fitzgerald of Elkhart, TX (January 2, 1972)
Rev. Bill Newman (June 1974)
Rev. Cornelius (June 1975)
Rev. Richard L. Palmer of LaRue, TX (February 1976)

  • May 1969, “Wesley House Methodist Mission” was declared a separate church and adopted the name, “Wesley United Methodist Church”. Rev. Howard S. Ritchie was pastor at that time.

  • The first Hog Roast was January 8 & 9, 1982 at the home of Richard & Mary Palmer.

  • Building for the new location on FM 753 began July 1, 1989.

  • First services in the new building were Sunday, August 20, 1989 under the direction of Rev. Richard L. Palmer of LaRue, TX.